Monday, October 20, 2014


In honor of Halloween being right around the corner, I took a survey in the library this evening...


What is the scariest book you have ever read?

The Bodyfinder - Becca Willis

Jaws - Zach Coffey

Peeled - Nathan Bargman

Goosebumps - anonymous, but there were a few of you!

1984 - Khyli Brown

The Twilight Series - Abby Caron

Pet Cemetery - Mrs. Gold

Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys - Maya White & Brooke Thon

And Then There Were None - Anastasia Momoh -
                                                - Solomon Kim     
                                                - Peter DiFrancesco

Farenheit 451 - Alexander Connor
                       - Ryan Scerbo

Carrie - Mrs. Thon

Through the Looking Glass - Nathan Bargman

In Cold Blood - Jess  Swindell

Gone Girl -Eleanor Su

Fight Club - Helen Shi 

The Invisible Thread - Peter Brandli

Shutter Island - Maddy Quinlan
                         - Duncan  Binnie

Deliverance - Mrs. Masterson

Dugun Dernek - Emir Karaoglu

My Soul To Take -  Alvaro Martinez

So, if you are DYING to read something to get you in the mood for 

All Hallow's Eve, come check one of these thrillers out!

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