Thursday, October 23, 2014

Your artwork : On exhibition here!

Have you checked out our new uber cool art gallery and newspaper nook ? This space was formerly a rather undistinguished corner of the library, but NOW(!) it has a pair of comfy chairs, the daily papers and the walls donned with the works of a few of Gov's premier artists. The oil paintings of Mel Huberdeau's classic red pickup truck are so fun and gorgeous. If you haven't taken a moment to appreciate them, stop on over. The renovated space lends itself to an intimate and informal way of enjoying them. We love having more student work on the walls and look forward to the projects to come.


Featured this month are the works of  Ms. Struck's AP Studio Artists:

Chloe Lee

Kate Anderson Song

Cody Thurston

Jessica Timmer

Jimin Park

Shawn Robertson

The space has become an instant favorite for some

A snapshot of students painting alfresco in September

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