Monday, April 06, 2015

Here's JohnnyLists!

 Maybe I am late to the party, but I have just discovered Johnny Lists, and I feel like life will never be the same! Johnny is like the super organized, OCD voice in your head that has it ALL together. Yup, you can now access that type-A voice anytime you want online. Johnny lists can help you spend way less time thinking about what you should read or watch, how to better save money or how to do laundry best. The list format provides information in bite size, easy-to-digest portions. Tons of information, very few words - that's what I'm talking about. Mrs. Chase initially emailed me this great list of captivating short stories everyone should read, and after that I was hooked.

Captivating Short Stories Everyone Should Read

There are so many things we should know about at a certain point in life and sometimes we just don't. From basic life tips to the latest apps, historic facts to pop culture, there is just a lot of stuff that we perhaps have not learned yet. For these types of matters, I highly suggest Johnny Webber's lists. Be warned, however, kind of like potato chips - just one johnnylist will never suffice.

A few more literary gems:

Best Sci Fi Books Ever Written

List To Help You Find Your Next Read

Popular Science Books Everyone Should Be Familiar With

There are too many to list here, so check out and maybe even sign up for the daily email newsletter to help you start the day off living and working better, not harder!

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