Thursday, April 02, 2015

Waiting for Spring

Need a break ? If you are like most New Englanders and  pretty tired of waiting for spring to arrive, come on over to the Library to see what we have to occupy that awesome brain of yours. We really do try to cater to a broader spectrum of teens natural curiousities, from books and games to audibles  and many of the latest releases in DVDs. Here at Govs, we work hard to make the library your second home, which is both a comfortable and friendly space and an inspiring intellectual hot spot. Part living room, part discovery lab! We are fortunate as teaching librarians to oversee your efforts in life-long learning. We hope to encourage and guide exploration of your self and your true intelligence.
Here are some of our enticing spring displays to help you do so....

Did you know that we have new ipads for your to borrow? Sometimes just varying the mode of our technology can offer a reprieve from the mundane of schoolwork.

In the nook to the right of the circulation desk, you will find our collection of brain teaser puzzles and games. We welcome you to play an old school board game like Monoploy or challenge one another in tessellation design.

Nina solved one!
Levy was first to solve our newest puzzle!

We have also recently added a bunch of 1,000-piece puzzles to the collection as many of you enjoy taking them back to the dorms at night. We currently have one going on a small card table, but just ask us if you would like to check a different one out.

We have just released the spring edition of the Pesky Stall Street Journal which you can find posted in all of the lavatories around campus....Quit stallin' and read!

We currently have a "Meet the Royals" display of books lining the end cap shelves in the fiction section.

And at the circ desk, a display of science fiction books, labeled, "Get Far Out...Way Out"

Hope these offerings help to quell any lingering late winter blues!

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